Less Complicated

Insurance Placement

Creating meaningful benefits programs that help a company recruit and retain talent is more than just providing quotes. Do you have a strategic plan with defined goals for your benefits program? When it comes to rising costs, not all organizations are following the same trend. Has your broker provided a strategy to keep your costs below the curve for the future?

Although insurance continues to evolve and become more complicated, its core coverages still play an important role in protecting a business.

  • Property Insurance
  • Commercial Auto
  • General Liability
  • Excess Liability
  • Crime

Food products with short term implications or implantable medical devices with the possibility of claims 20 years down the road? Mundane kitchen faucets? Bounce houses? Or critical automotive parts?

Where are your parts sourced? Who is doing your third party independent testing? Preparing for FDA clinical trials? Heavy products liability risk is not as clear cut as it may seem as first. We have the expertise to help.

Workers’ Compensation is more than just a class code and a rate. How a carrier partners to handle claims can have a significantly larger role in your expenses and future premiums than a few percentage points in rate or a slightly larger dividend plan.

Let us show you how insurance carriers make a larger difference in cost than you realize.

40 years ago, fire loss was a major fear when it came to cash flow threats. Today, companies are valued on, and revenue is driven by, their intangible assets. Your services drive cash flow. A failure in your service causing financial harm to your client would impair your cash flow and threaten your balance sheet.

As with E&O coverage, 40 years ago, fire loss was a major fear when it came to cash flow threats. Today, companies can’t do business without their IT systems. Orders can’t be shipped. Applications can fail. Private information must be secure. Threats from both inside and outside could result in impairment of cash flow and the balance sheet.

Most insurance protects the corporation. D&O insurance protects you. It protects you from potentially losing your personal assets as a result of your actions on behalf of the company.

Do you understand the importance of sufficient Side A excess coverage? Does the D&O policy for a life science company have a carveback for shareholder suits related to bodily injury? How far does knowledge of occurrence extend? A few key executives or all insureds?

What are the questions you need to be concerned with? We can help you with that.

40 years ago, fire loss was a major fear when it came to cash flow threats. Today, companies are valued on, and revenue is driven by, their intangible assets. Your Intellectual Property is the life blood to your organizations. Unfortunately it is the life blood to both competitors and the dreaded patent trolls (non-practicing entities).

Few agencies are prepared to help you understand this threat, and more importantly how to protect against it. We are here to answer questions and give you insight into today’s risk.

Life science companies create amazing innovation. As you progress from R&D, to phase 1, 2, & 3, and on to regulatory approval and product launch, you need unique insurance. No matter how well planned the protocol and informed consent, clinical trials liability protects both your bodily injury and potential financial risk.


We understand insurance. Better than most. With a focus on complex industries, Cothrom’s advisors have a deep understanding of the insurance products we broker.

When you have questions about workers' compensation, cyber security and liability, products liability, directors & officers, errors & omissions, or commercial auto we will have a knowledgeable answer.

Even better, let us answer how your question impacts your profitability. We help businesses improve margins by understanding insurance.

Less Complicated

Insurance is complicated. We make it less. You’re an expert in your business, we know insurance.

Our job to be highly technical brokers who can translate complex policy language to terms or stories that relate to you. We provide financial examples to help you understand puzzling formulas.

Reach out to Cothrom to help make insurance simpler.


We partner with businesses just like yours. Our stories about insurance and loss are examples you can relate to, or have already experienced.

We can discuss work comp claims with construction, severe auto accidents with transportation, cyber security breaches with healthcare, financial harm with software providers, and shareholder derivative suits with private equity.

Work with advisors whose discussion and products are tailored for your business.