Industry Verticals

Our advisors work in industry verticals. Businesses like yours. Time spent with us provides new insights that will challenge your perspective.

Venture Capital

VC creates a complex set of risk management needs from the internal fund management, to various equity investments of founders, friends and family. Increasing regulatory requirements, complex M&A, the potential of a down round, and reverse mergers with public entities create significant risk. Risk not just to their balance sheet, but also the exposure of personal assets from their fiduciary responsibilities.

Venture Capital Group


Pure SaaS or technology hardware manufacturer? Just received your first round of funding or heading for your IPO? We’re committed to understanding the threats you face as your business grows and evolves.

Technology Group

Life Sciences

Ever try explaining your innovation to your current agent? We may not have a PhD, but it’s not the first time we’ve heard of phase III clinical trials, pharmacogenomics, or FDA 483 notices. Our brokers quickly grasp the concepts of your innovation and will successfully relate them to the best insurers for your business.

Life Sciences Group

Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced manufacturing’s emerging risks leaves businesses catastrophically exposed to new threats. Cyber threats create new vectors both directly and indirectly to businesses employing cutting edge technology.

Advanced Manufacturing Group

Community Associations

Insurance is often the largest single budget item for a community association. It certainly protects your most valuable assets. There is a constant battle between cost and coverage. With the right organization, you should be able to maximize your insurance program.

Community Association Group


In an industry centered on transferring risk downstream, how does your risk management program stack up? Do your contracts successfully transfer risk? Does your insurance appropriately cover the risk you’ve assumed?

Construction Group

Religious Organizations & Schools

Houses of worship and schools face challenges addressing youth protection, missions, and governance.  Let’s discuss how we can help you face these unique challenges together.

Religious Organizations & Schools Group

Social Services & Nonprofits

Organizations focused on helping others often address unique problems. Fortunately, we find your unique organization faces many of the same problems and challenges we have addressed with other nonprofits.

Social Services & Nonprofit Group

“Coming Together is the Beginning; Keeping Together is Progress; Working Together is Success”

– Henry Ford