We understand insurance. Better than most. With a decade of experience in complex industries, Cothrom’s advisors have a deep understanding of the insurance products we broker.

When you have questions about workers compensation, cyber security and liability, general liability, directors & officers, errors & omissions, or commercial auto we will have a knowledgable answer.

Even better, let us answer how your question impacts your profitability. We help businesses improve margins by understanding insurance.

Less Complicated

Insurance is complicated. We make it less. You’re an expert in your business, we know insurance.

Cothrom’s advisors understand our skill to make insurance simpler for you is a core value. It is our job to be highly technical brokers who can translate complex policy language to terms or stories that relate to you. We provide financial examples to help you understand puzzling formulas.

Reach out to Cothrom to help make insurance simpler.


We have partnered with businesses just like yours. Our stories about insurance and loss are examples you can relate to, or have already experienced.

We can discuss work comp claims with construction, severe auto accidents with transportation, cyber security breaches with healthcare, financial harm with software provers, and shareholder derivative suits with private equity.

Work with advisors who’s discussion and products are tailored for your business.

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Cothrom partners with businesses to manage risk and improve profitability. We expect our clients to engage with us, we cannot do it alone. Your involvement providing information, participation in discussion, and willingness to learn about risk allow us to operate as advisors to your business.

Some companies view their agent as an expense. Companies withholding information, who fail to engage in active discussion, or have interest in price without regard to coverage risk change our relationship from that of an advisor to a simple order taker.

Let Cothrom help you simplify risk management and improve profitability by engaging with us and allowing us to be valued advisors to your business.