Risk management encompasses more than just a safety program. Cothrom helps our clients manage risk through:

  • Loss Control & Safety Programs
  • Claims Management
  • Work Comp Analysis
  • Contractual Risk Transfer
  • Insurance Analytics
  • Actuarial Services

Measurable Results

Safety programs are important! How are they important? How much will implementing a safety program save us?

Today’s tools, such as insurance analytics, can help solve the problem of fuzzy savings by delivering a clear financial picture.

The strength of risk management is the reduction of future losses and expenses. Cothrom’s skill is in helping you quantify the expected return on your investment in risk management.

Move Margins

Insurance is only a portion of your total cost of risk. Partnering with Cothrom will allow you to address the entire cost of risk.

As our advisors will challenge you to see new and different methods to control your risk expenses. The cost reductions you experience will be greater than addressing insurance alone.

Make a larger impact on your profit margins as a result of addressing risk with an advisor from Cothrom.

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Advisory Relationship

Cothrom’s services aren’t for everyone. Some businesses are only looking at the cost of their insurance premium tomorrow. A dozen other agencies will bid for your business today.

What is on your list of most important values for an insurance broker? Any agent can send you an insurance quote, but only a few brokers can help you focus on profitability within risk. It is time to work with an advisor at Cothrom.