Your Industry

A decade of experience handling complex risk has benefited each of the industries we specialize in. Construction and life sciences are diverse businesses, so are manufacturing and technology services. Yet our experience in each has led to greater knowledge when insuring your business.

When you need an advisor to discuss employment practices issues, or products liability, Cothrom’s technically minded brokers understands the coverage that is right for you.

Your Wants

Each business is unique in its goals and tolerance for risk. Our partnership is based on helping you reach those goals with acceptable risk.

You’re driving the bus, but we’re great navigators. You’ll find a route that takes you where you’ve always needed to be to achieve what you’ve always wanted.

Your Needs

Cothrom already knows about your needs, because we know your industry. By engaging with our advisors, you will find yourself discovering needs you weren’t aware of that affect your business.

We understand risk drivers, let us show you causes that result in expense, and how we can help you solve those problems.

Let us address your needs and improve your bottom line.

“Coming Together is the Beginning; Keeping Together is Progress; Working Together is Success”

-Henry Ford