Industries Served

We work with businesses like yours. Cothrom’s owners have deep experience in a broad section of industries.

Among the top business segments we serve are construction, manufacturing, technology, life sciences & biotechnology, and real estate portfolios.

Our focus is on businesses with complex risk, large work comp exposures, extensive contractual risk transfer,  and unique needs.


We provide commercial insurance from general liability to property insurance, and work comp to auto. Our financial lines expertise extends from directors & officers to professional liability to cyber liability and beyond.

Whether your private equity firm is concerned about D&O coverage, your technology firm needs a solid understanding of cyber risk, or your construction and manufacturing firm are looking for ways to control workers compensation expenses Cothrom can challenge you to see new opportunity to reduce expenses.

Risk Management

Cothrom can assist you in controlling risk as it is presented to you. Looking at contractual requirements? Investing in safety programs? Ready to analyze your losses through analytics?

These are opportunities to reduce the expense of risk. We look at risk control as an investment, an investment with a positive return. One that we can quantify and make real for your business.

Let us show you how risk management can improve your profits.


Improving Margins

Maybe your keyword is EBITDA enhancement, NOI, owner benefit, or profit margin. However you look at profitability Cothrom will help you improve it. Let us challenge you to see new opportunity within insurance & risk management.

Insurance is a solution to the possibility of loss, it is not the cause of that expense. The cause of risk related expenses is driven by operational and safety decisions.

Work with advisors whose focus is on controlling the drivers of risk costs to improve EBITDA margins. We partner to help you make changes that lead to bottom line improvements year in and year out.

Who We Are

Kevin Purvis, CPCU, has a decade of experience managing risk and insuring construction, technology, marine, life sciences, manufacturing, healthcare, and habitation risk. Focusing on risk management, his expertise extends to work comp analysis, loss control, contractual risk transfer, analytics and large retentions.
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Michael Collum also carries a decade of insurance experience focusing on community associations and large catastrophe exposed property, including multi-state real estate portfolios and REITs.
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Jordan Gillespie received his bachelors from Lees McRae College. His experience includes technology, transportation & livery, real estate portfolios, and healthcare.
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